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Concurrent disease and leg problems

April 9, 2018

Question: I have diabetes and heart disease. Can I get my varicose veins safely treated?

Answer:We see many patients at the Ashton Vein Center who have medical conditions in addition to venous disease. This ranges from hypertension to diabetes to heart disease. Many of our

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Vein disease: Underdiagnosed and under treated

April 2, 2018

Question: I have leg problems and possible vein disease. My doctor says it’s not anything to worry about. But I don’t want to get an ulcer like my father. What should I do?

Answer:There is very good news for those who are concerned about their legs. At the Ashton Vein Center, you can be confident that

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The many misconceptions of vein disease

March 19, 2018

Question:I have very severe bulging veins in both of my legs. My doctor told me to just wear support stockings because there is no vein disease treatment, and no reason to try treating this condition. Is this correct?

Answer:There are many misconceptions about vein disease and vein disease treatment and un

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Venous treatment is a process

March 12, 2018

Question:I have had laser treatment to my legs. Why do I still have bulging veins?

Answer:During the initial consult in our vein clinic, we start a “process” that begins with an accurate diagnostic work-up. This includes ultrasound testing and a mapping of the exact cause of the

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