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Vein Disease Treatment

Ashton Vein Center in North Palm Beach, FL provides a variety of Vein Disease Treatments to get you back on your feet today!

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VenaSeal™ Closure System

TheVenaSeal™ closure system is the next evolution in Vein Disease Treatments. VenaSeal™ is the only non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein. This unique approach eliminates the risk of thermal nerve injury when treating the small saphenous vein, which is a risk sometimes associated with certain thermal-based procedures.1,2 Clinical studies have demonstrated that the procedure is safe and effective.3,4 The procedure is administered without the use of tumescent anesthesia, avoiding patient discomfort associated with multiple needle sticks.

Endovenous Laser Therapy

For Varicose Veins, the best results begin with today’s best treatment.

“Traditional” treatment for varicose veins consists of stripping the problem vein and pulling it out of the leg. It also requires general anesthesia, recovery time, scarring, a high incidence of complications and early recurrences of the varicose vein.

Today’s most advanced, effective method of treatment.

Our comprehensive treatment for varicose veins begins with endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). EVLT is today’s least invasive, most effective treatment. Because it is not surgical, it has a much lower rate of complication.

How does EVLT work?

After ultrasound mapping of the veins, a tiny laser fiber is introduced into the varicose vein. The laser heats the vein’s walls, changing its composition and causing the vein to close. The circulation is restored to the leg’s deep veins, and the closed vein is eventually absorbed by the body.

Trust a national leader.

Thomas Ashton is among the most experienced EVLT surgeons in the nation, having performed well over 4,000 procedures. He has taught this technique to many other physicians. These techniques are highly effective and patients resume normal activities the very next day.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

A minimally invasive approach to help resolve varicose veins completely.

After endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) to close varicose veins, Ambulatory Phlebectomy is sometimes required. This procedure eliminates the visible varicose veins and assures a superior cosmetic result. This procedure is both effective and well-tolerated… when it’s performed correctly and with experienced hands.

How does it work?

A minimally invasive microsurgical procedure, ambulatory phlebectomy requires only tiny skin incisions. A small hook is used to extract the problem veins from the leg. Unlike the surgical (and outdated) ligation and stripping procedures, microsurgical phlebectomy uses only local anesthesia and extremely tiny incisions. The result is a much easier outpatient experience, less risk of complication and less recovery time and scarring.

Depend on specialty know-how & vast experience.

At Ashton Vein Center, we provide South Florida’s only truly comprehensive approach to varicose veins.

Transcatheter Ablation

Transcatheter Ablation is the placement of medication via a tiny catheter inserted into the diseased vein using ultrasound imaging as a guide. TCA allows for the treatment of longer segments of a vein compared to UGS.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

The key to resolving unsightly spider veins… & to achieving the best, most complete outcomes.

Spider veins are small varicose veins that cluster together and look like spider webs made of fine red, blue or purple lines. Most commonly, spider veins appear on the thighs, calves or ankles. They often exist with larger varicose veins. Yet, spider veins can be present even without medically significant varicosities. In fact, it’s estimated that about half of American women will be affected by spider veins and varicose veins during their lifetime.

Spider veins can have a devastating effect.

While spider veins are not “medically significant”, the fact is that they can have a dramatic effect on people’s lifestyles, confidence, self-esteem and, therefore, their well-being. Spider veins are regarded as being unattractive and unwanted. Women will refrain from wearing shorts or bathing suits, avoid certain activities to keep from displaying their legs, miss out on social activities and feel unattractive.

How are they treated?

At Ashton Vein Center, we treat spider veins with sclerotherapy. Quite simply, we inject a sclerosing solution into the tiny blood vessels, which causes them to collapse and fade from view. Spider veins are small and can require a varying number of injections and, therefore, treatment sessions. At the same time, cosmetic sclerotherapy, like varicose vein treatments, requires a practiced hand and a deep understanding of both the condition and the treatment. As one of the only area vein specialists using a Veinlite® to see hard-to-find veins, we double the effectiveness of each of our cosmetic sclerotherapy sessions.

Beautiful results… for everybody.

Susan Collins, R.N. along with Mindy Logue, R.N. are veteran registered nurses experienced in vein care. Years of experience allow them to provide the very best cosmetic outcomes for spider veins.

Aesthetic Injection Therapies


Radiesse is a facial filler that restores that youthful appearance for the lines and folds around your mouth, cheeks and chin. With age, we lose fullness. This loss makes the face look hollow, sagging and just plain old. Radiesse fills in those areas and brings the face back to a more youthful appearance.


Botox is a facial injectable that reacts superbly to make fine lines and wrinkles fade or disappear completely. Botox is also used to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes.

Hand Restoration

Using a combination of fillers and sclerotherapy, we can give hands a more youthful appearance by filling in volume due to loss of collagen & elastin while reducing or eliminating visible veins.

At Ashton Vein Center, your personal treatment protocol is determined, designed and delivered by Dr. Thomas Ashton. Dr. Ashton has been practicing for more than three decades utilizing his experience in general surgery, endovenous laser therapy, spider vein treatment, aesthetic medical care and injection therapies.



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Bill T.

I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude for the work performed thus far on my legs. I realize that my case is extensive, but I truly believe that I have found the best team with the finest skills to execute each and every procedure. The old expression ``to cut is to cure`` is indeed both fitting and undeniable. Dr. Ashton & Susan--thank you for caring!

Charlene L.

Shortly after the procedure, I was able to walk three or four times as much as I could before. I walked probably a whole block, maybe even more! The treatment was a success beyond belief. I didn't expect results that quickly. Now, I can walk a couple of blocks, and I walk all over the store for nearly six hours.

Candice K.

Thank you so much, my legs look wonderful and of course Marco's enjoying them more! I truly appreciate all you have done and the kindness of your staff.

Lisa B.

Well, what a difference one year makes! I feel like a star! Every day is better since my surgery...there are no words to describe how wonderful I feel. Thanks again for changing my life!


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