Startling statistics about venous disease

Question: My doctor told me not to worry about my leg pain and edema. He said there is no
treatment except vein stripping. What should I do?

Answer: Most doctors are not aware of the risks involved with venous problems. As we age, leg
veins can increase the risk of blood clots that can have serious health consequences. The stats
don’t lie: Leg problems affect more Americans than any other condition.

A recent study shows that up to 60 percent of the U.S. population will eventually have serious
issues with leg veins. Look at your legs and you may see changes that seem to get worse every
year. In advanced cases, you may see actual varicose veins, but often the symptoms are subtle.

If your legs are swollen and/or discolored, this may indicate you have an abnormal venous
condition. Purple discoloration around the ankles indicates that you may have had venous
problems for many years. The skin may also become dry and red with inflammation.

Left untreated, these areas may progress to ulceration. Although vein and leg problems tend to
run in families, venous problems are under-recognized, under-diagnosed, and therefore under-
treated. Most physicians do not focus on this problem and in many cases are not aware of the
latest in-office treatments that are rapidly becoming the treatment of choice.

Also, I have noticed many physicians are placing patients with edema in knee-high stockings. If
you are wearing knee-highs, you may be making the condition worse. Often the stocking will
create a tourniquet effect, thus restricting venous return.

Varicose veins may seem like just of cosmetic concern, but they do carry some significant health
risks if not treated. Among the conditions that may occur: swelling; leg heaviness; skin
breakdown; itching; bleeding; blood clots; leg ulcers. As the disease progresses, leg ulcers
become more difficult to heal.

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